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Welcome to the United States Continental Giant Rabbit Club

We share a love for the unique breed of rabbit commonly referred to as the Continental Giant or "conti" in the United States.

Once rarely seen in United States, this amazing rabbit is becoming ever more popular among serious breeders and hobbyist alike. Their gentle demeanor and amazing proportions make them a sight to behold. Here you may explore breed standards, housing tips, proper breeding practices or simply marvel at them in the gallery!

Continental Giants are increasing their presence here in the United States through the hard work and collaboration of US and UK breeders. You have come to the right place to learn more about this extraordinary breed.


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Our focus is simple, to support the continued adoption of the Continental Giant breed in the United States.

We honor the hard work of UK, Holland and German breeders who have set the bar high and adhered to the standards of this magnificent rabbit. The United States is at a point where interest in Continental Giants has peaked, and while we work together toward breed awareness we must also strive to educate others on proper type, breeding and health topics. Establishing a solid foundation of both breeders and owners ensure genetic diversity and a community from which human and rabbit benefit.

We share your passion for all things "conti" and look forward to the future of our beloved breed.

United States Continental Giant Rabbit Club (USCGRC)

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