A part of supporting the Continental Giant in the United States is raising breed awareness. One way to accomplish this is by bringing along a senior buck or doe to a public event (schools, 4H, ARBA shows). 

This allows the general public to see first hand what a proper Continental Giant looks like in person. Photos can give an idea, but being able to witness them pose and move in person adds much needed perspective. It allows for the larger than life size to be realized as well as readily observe the differences between them and other large breeds. A conti set next to a flemish makes for a marked contrast in type in this setting as well.

Considering the environment at such an event there are some things to do to ensure that the conti and visitor are kept happy. First and foremost the chosen rabbit needs to have the personality for the role. Granted they are very docile and easy going by nature, but like people some do better in crowds than others. A conti that runs to the back of the cage when new people appear, or has GI upset when traveling is better left at the rabbitry than being a conti ambassador. The ideal conti is the one that soaks up attention, travels well and goes with the flow.

A larger than usual travel cage is recommended, to allow plenty of room to move about. A supply of Nolvasan (or your preferred hand sanitizer) should be kept near the cage and anyone who wishes to pet (should that be an option) practice proper hygiene to limit potential exposure to the rabbit. Continental Giants will naturally attract a crowd, even repeat visitors. Having a flyer with some handy conti facts is quite helpful as well.

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