As a foreign breed Continental Giants have a number of terms associated with them that may not be familiar.

Some do have better known synonyms and others are quite unique. Also included are some general rabbit terms that will benefit the new breeder to be familiar with.

BEW: Blue Eyed White. A BRC recognized color variety, and although a challenge to breed a magnificent sight.

BRC: British Rabbit Council. The UK equivalent to our ARBA

Bone: Referring to the size of the contis skeletal system. Heavier (thicker) bones support more muscle and therefor suit the standard for the breed.

Buck: A male rabbit.

Conti: Continental Giant.

Doe: A female rabbit.

Ear Carriage: The base of the ears, their substance (thickness). A Continental Giant must not have a weak ear carriage.

Kit: A baby rabbit.

Rung: Referring to the Continental Giant having a metal band on their leg with a unique number. This number is registered with the BRC and is associated with the breeder. Size J is appropriate and is placed on when the conti is 10 to 14 weeks of age. Being rung and from run lineage increases the chances of the line being of good quality. Some do remove the bands of retired rabbits if they are allowed to roam to prevent them from snagging them on items in the yard.

Stud: Synonymous with the US term "rabbitry".

Type: The confirmation the conti presents in relation to the standard for the breed. For example, a buck with a massive head, muscled body, spoon shaped ears and great color would be said to have excellent type.

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